Stop! In The Name Of Love (Before You Break Our Heart):

Pink Paper

What does Anticapitalist, Decolonial and Intersectional Feminist Tech look like? This is a journey into sound, a journey which, along the way, will bring you new color, new dimension, new value. Pump up the volume! Pump that bass!

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A Proposal for Beats, Tech and Future Economies

The year is 2023, the time is now. The DisCO Pink Paper completes the DisCO Trilogy by taking an open-eyed look at the artificially intelligent 2020s. This is a time where cyberpunk corporate dystopias a la Blade Runner, Snow Crash or Akira are surpassed in their excess only by the cyber-physically gluttonous, world-destroying algorhythms bent on enclosure. Everything must be turned to ones and zeros so the numbers can make more numbers. The time for Revolution is nigh and the push forward is powered by knowing where power resides, what power is, and how the world’s disenfranchised do have the social and technological resources available to turn the plot around. Oil, money and guns only go so far, so stop! In the name of love, before you break our (collective) hearts. And minds, and spirits, and backs. Just stop.

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